A Penny- a poem

~Living in a household of abuse and shouting almost constantly is no way to live~

A shout (a low voice)
A shout (a higher one)
A shout
Is all it takes for me
To become the size of a penny
And for the roof to come crashing down
A little penny
Rolling between his fingertips
Rolling down the stairs
Chased by a cat with moons in her eyes
Cold and metallic
Like blood in my mouth
Rolling with my thighs and feet up in the air
A penny
Inside a piggy bank
With no plug to pull
And I will roll away




What you love- death by poetry 

Die by what you love 

I will choke on words

Swallowing poetry raw 

I will go with

Sonnets in my mouth

And elegies in my hair 

No blood on my hands 

Just rhyme on my tongue 

And verse in my bloodstream