The Daisy

I cling to this dying daisy

because it is the only thing that chose me

Its roots buried themselves

deep inside my chest

It extracted life line after life line

out from those chambers of my chest

I cling to this dying daisy

because I felt like nobody, hollow, faded,

And it chose me.


My Philosophy on life events

Every single thing that happens in life happens because it was pre-written, every decision, plan and conversation was made because it was meant to be made. It was chosen to happen a long time ago before you were even born. And each event that takes place occurs because it was the best outcome of that situation. Now, when you are feeling regretful and asking what if- just know it was meant to happen this way, it’s the best for you.

That Kind Of Crying

The best kind of crying is at midday on the floor of your bathroom

And your whole body quakes with the feelings of despair growing in your lungs like an evergreen

The kind of crying where you could swear your soul is splitting in two by the creaking of your eyelids