Book Review:Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

This book is a must read. Now I know its becoming a bit of a habit that every time I review a book, ‘it’s a must read’ or ‘one of my favourites’ but Only Ever Yours took the biscuit. The story captured my imagination and thoughts more that any other book has (exception of ‘We Were Liars’ by E.Lockhart).

The main jist of the book is about the main character freida (and no, that’s not a typo, the names of the girls in the book purposefully do not have capitals) is working her way through the ‘school’- a no-nonsence institution designed to prep the girls for companionship will an inheritant to ultimately produce a baby boy. The patriarch themes in the book were, at times, gruelling to read through, but it was a profound reflection of what life would be like without the suffrage in the early 20th century. The story touches on a friendship between freida and isabel- and in a way that brought me to tears occasionally- shows how living in a pixel perfect, social media lifestyle can break the most perfect of friendships.

Honestly it was amazing.

Rating: 10/10


Quiet Season

The air is crisp in the quiet season,

Frowns sitting like maps on pale foreheads,

Withering flowers. Limp on cold stone,

Maybe marble-grey or black.


Quite souls ponder silent hearts,

A gathering.

Snowflakes knit a blanket of healing

Upon the bed of those who are silent,

A reminder of soft memories.


Snowdrops- soon to wilt with the melting season.

Marking a passing,

To remember.

Marking the end of the Quiet season.



-Emma Cunningham

In memory of Grandad Ken.